The Stick.

The StickOne of the product and service lines we offer is video surveillance. Each installation is different, and the most important part of any video system is what the end result will provide. Getting the right view can be difficult; some scenes are not lit very well, or at all. Others have shade and bright sunlight in the same scene. Sometimes the camera is far away from what it needs to be able to see, other times we might want to see 360 degrees (all the way around!). Does the camera need to see what is generally going on, or do we need to be able to identify a car or person in the scene?

Fortunately, there are many types of cameras, each with different capabilities and appearances. Unfortunately, they are hard to tell apart on paper. The differences of specifications on cameras can be mind boggling. Camera vendors have trademarked features that are unique to their products such as Dark Fighter™ and Light Finder™. Even features that seem to be the same like “Wide Dynamic Range” cannot really be compared between camera models without seeing them in action.

That’s where the “Stick” comes to the rescue.

The StickKenton Brothers has assembled a mobile video system that allows us to bring our cameras to your location. That way, you can see what the camera views are going to look like in real-time in your environment. The Stick can position cameras at about the same height as they would be installed at. This allows cameras to be compared side-by-side and help determine what technologies are best for your situation.

The stick can also help with camera placement and determine how many camera are needed to cover an area. All camera video is recorded locally, allowing it to be reviewed by customer and installer alike.

If you have a need for video security, regardless of scope, let us know. We would love to bring the Stick to your location and show you what is possible!

Kenton Brothers helps the City of Grandview install security cameras at their new amphitheater.

GrandviewAmpKenton Brothers helps the City of Grandview install security cameras a their new amphitheater.


Grandview Amphitheater is just one of many examples of cities going above and beyond to involve their community in the arts. The Grandview Parks and Recreation built an event space in 2014 that has the capacity to entertain 8,000 guests. These amphitheaters engross citizens and surrounding areas in music and create a space for people to come together, and enjoy a common interest. Kenton Brothers had the opportunity to secure that feeling of community, with an advanced security system that helps fun goers to focus on the show and the City of Grandview Amphitheater to feel protected. Kenton Brothers installed a series of high resolution video cameras, throughout the Amphitheater, which help protect against any unwanted emergency situations. Kenton Brothers was thorough to ensure that the space is kept safe with a series of dome, wall mount, and corner camera systems. This technology driven camera system helps to make sure the entire area is kept safe, allowing citizens to check their worries at the door.

Check out their website here: Grandview Ampitheater