Kenton Brothers and AXIS Communications team up to Root on the Royals and check out new technology!

By David Strickland, Vice President of Kenton Brothers

Kenton Brothers and AXIS Communications at Royals!We love our boys in blue in Kansas City! The Kansas City Royals have reached new heights in recent years and won the World Series in 2015. They inspire greatness and have served as an example for Kenton Brothers and other champions like Axis Communications to set the bar high and work hard to accomplish great things. Kenton Brothers was honored to attend the Axis Communications event at the K this summer to see them show off their newest technology and see some great baseball. Kenton Brothers is a Gold Partner with Axis and loves to take any opportunity it can to develop that relationship.

The New AXIS Q1659 Network Camera

Axis sets new standards for image quality in video surveillance, combining Canon professional photographic imaging technologies with proven performance and integration benefits. Axis raises the bar on image quality for a security camera with the introduction of AXIS Q1659 Network Camera. It combines a high-performance image sensor and Canon EF/EF-S lenses with the full range of Axis flexibility, ease-of-use and efficiency features to provide exceptional image quality in extreme detail for a range of surveillance needs. It is an ideal offering for detailed surveillance over long distances for cities, airports, transportation, stadiums and other open areas.

Kenton Brothers and AXIS Communications at Royals! Kenton Brothers and AXIS Communications at Royals!

“This camera is truly a best of both worlds approach: The world-class image quality Canon is known for with its professional-level photography technology and Axis’ market-leading security systems that deliver everything required for a complete, flexible and easy-to-manage installation. In addition to the extreme level of quality and detail, AXIS Q1659 (thanks to its broad VMS support) can be quickly integrated with existing security environments,” says Olof Leidecker, Global Product Manager at Axis.

The level of detail…

AXIS Q1659 delivers 20MP resolution at 8 frames per second (fps), achieving unprecedented levels of detail for observing open spaces and across long distances. It features digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) imaging technology and offers a choice of 7 different EF/EF-S lenses depending on individual user needs. Equipped with an EF lens mount, the camera enables easy lens changes.

The new camera also offers the latest enhancement of Axis’ Zipstream technology, which offers even more storage and bandwidth savings in video surveillance applications without compromising on important image details. In addition, an SFP slot for optional fiber connectivity gives the ability to connect to the network over long distances.

Kenton Brothers and AXIS Communications at Royals!

Kenton Brothers and AXIS Communications at Royals! Kenton Brothers and AXIS Communications at Royals!

As seen at beautiful Kauffman Stadium “The K”, the Axis Q1659 equipped with the Cannon 70-200mm telephoto lens can capture exceptional detail at well over 400 feet away. In the video clip you can read three-inch letters on a restaurant sign at 425 feet away, through a guard rail. Even the name of the restaurant, despite the sign being covered by poor lighting, is legible. When the Axis Q1659 is equipped with a number of available lenses, it is able to support Axis Lightfinder technology, for enhanced low light performance.

Kenton Brothers can help you explore the Axis Communications camera line and design the right plan to meet your needs. Give us a call today!

Kenton Brothers and AXIS Communications at Royals!

Boxwood Bandits Busted

Video Surveillance Cameras Catch Thieves with Green Thumbs Red-Handed

Kenton Brothers is in the final stages of renovating our new facility in the Truman Corridor. One of the reasons we chose this particular building is that it’s ten times larger than our old facility and better to showcase our cutting-edge security technologies. Ironically, our surveillance camera installation team had not yet gotten around to installing cameras on our building’s exterior. We were the cobbler whose children have no shoes.

Instead, we were focusing on the landscape, which takes a lot of hard work. The grounds were cleaned up and leveled. There was weed mat rolled out. Big holes were dug in which to plant various bushes, shrubs and trees. Finally, we were ready for the finishing touch – decorative rock, which was scheduled for delivery the next day.

Overnight, the boxwood bandits struck.

Kenton Brothers: Boxwood BanditsOne of our new boxwood shrubs had been yanked right out of its lovingly and painstakingly-dug hole!

There’s an old saying that goes something along the lines of, “There are two types of people in this world. Those who own security cameras and systems and those who’ve never been burglarized.” The Boxwood Bandits shook us out of our renovation mindset and got our surveillance team in gear. What if these green-thumbed thieves returned to help themselves to more of our shrubs?

Our security installation team worked well into the night to install commercial surveillance cameras on our building to watch over the plants (and the rest of the grounds).

Early the next morning, (2:24 a.m.) a couple walked up to our building with a construction cart and began digging up and carting away our new shrubs. How do we know? We watched the video footage. The shrubs couldn’t be far away, so a few of our employees canvassed the neighborhood and located our missing boxwoods.

Kansas City Police Department officers also watched the video on one of employee’s phones, and we showed them the house where our kidnapped shrubs were being held. Police questioned a woman who came out of the house wearing the exact same shirt she was wearing in the surveillance video. She said, “That’s not me.” Police asked, “Would you like to press charges?” We said, “Yes. Yes we would.”

Thanks to commercial-grade surveillance, these Boxwood Bandits were busted. With the Kansas City Police Department’s help, we were able to retrieve our shrubs and re-plant them.

Kenton Brothers: Boxwood Bandits Kenton Brothers: Boxwood Bandits

Why do I need IP Video Surveillance?

By David Strickland, Vice President of Kenton Brothers, talking about why IP video surveillance systems are a good investment.

The use of security cameras for both commercial and residential sites continues to rise each year. In 2018, the market size of that industry is projected to be somewhere around $32.6 Billion. This represents a compound annual growth rate of over 19.5% since 2011.

As a business owner or decision maker, you may be facing the dilemma of “Why do I need IP Video Surveillance?” Kenton Brothers Systems for Security can help you answer that question. And we can help you design the proper system for your needs.

Here are some of the top reasons why you need IP Video Surveillance.

(Note: IP video surveillance is a camera system that communicates over an IP network and records the footage digitally.)

Kenton Brothers Systems for Security: IP Video SurveillanceCrime Prevention

On its basic level, having cameras covering your business can be a deterrent to crime. If businesses are located next to each other, and one has cameras while the other does not, the likelihood is high that an opportunistic thief will choose a “softer” target.

*Quick Tip – Be sure to add signage to your system to alert the general public as well as a potential thief that you have an active IP Video Surveillance System. Having this system in place will also help reduce internal theft of goods from your business.

Risk Reduction

One of the many benefits to an IP Video surveillance system is the reduction of risk due to false claims for falls or accidents. Many of our clients use their video footage to investigate accident claims. When necessary, they make key changes to help reduce claims. The system also acts as a deterrent for false or fraudulent claims.

Increased Production

Another great benefit of this type of system is identifying efficiencies in your production processes and procedures. By adding analytics, you can see heat mapping as well as identify areas for improvement. From traffic flow to resource locations in warehouses, you may find unknown savings in time and increased production.

Kenton Brothers Systems for Security: IP Video SurveillanceForensic Value

IP Video surveillance Systems help solve crimes. When a crime of some sort occurs, the first question law enforcement usually ask is, “Do you have a surveillance system?”

The number one way to identify suspects of a physical crime is to have a high quality image of the assailant. With social media and sites such as StolenKC, many crimes can be solved by the local community even before the police start an investigation.  The higher quality of the video, the better the chance of capturing identifiable aspects of the assailant.

Improving Experiences

IP Video Surveillance isn’t always about crime. We have a lot of clients that use the video and audio recording aspects of their IP video system for training and development of employees and procedures. Companies can create a process or procedure that may have unintended consequences. Being able to review this footage helps vet the changes and insure a great experience for employees and customers.

Peace of Mind

In my opinion, this is one of the biggest benefits to having an IP Video surveillance system. Being able to quickly “look in” on your business, no matter where you are, brings a peace of mind many people wish they had. “Did we open on time?” “How is the snow effecting my office?”  “How busy is my restaurant?” “Is my business locked up and secure for the night?”

These are the things that keep me up at night, and I’m happy I can do a quick check to verify that all is okay.

Cost Reduction

An IP Video System should be looked at as an investment, and you should expect a return. By reducing wasted time, increasing production, reducing threats and risk, lowering internal and external theft and increasing the satisfaction of customer and employee experience, you can realize savings that will affect the bottom line.

Please let us help you design the right system for you!

Fight Crime by Registering your Surveillance Cameras with WatchKC

By Gina Stuelke, CEO of Kenton Brothers, talking about the WatchKC security camera initiative.

Kenton Brothers: WatchKC ProgramThe Kansas City Police Department is taking a proactive and innovative approach to deterring and investigating crime. It’s called WatchKC.

If you want to help KCPD in this proactive approach, you could play a major part in the identification of suspects and evidence of crimes. Do you or your business own a surveillance camera? Then you can be part of the solution to crime in our city. If you don’t yet have cameras but are interested in learning more, give Kenton Brothers Systems for Security a call at 816-842-3700. We’ll share our years of experience with you to find the best solution that meets your needs.

The WatchKC Program

Similar programs have been implemented by other agencies across the nation with great success. The registration process is simple, and available to any home or business located in Kansas City, Missouri.

Video Surveillance is a great crime deterrent and offers investigative leads in the event a crime does occur. Many homes and businesses have surveillance cameras installed. Often, the surveillance system might catch something useful. The footage could be very helpful when KCPD is investigating crimes. However, it may go unnoticed if the owner is unaware of the crime.

Kenton Brothers: WatchKC City MapOnce registered with WatchKC, camera locations will be mapped for detectives. These camera maps make it easy for police officers to identify a potential camera with footage they can use during an investigation. If a crime happens near a KC Watch registered camera, they can  contact the registrant to see if any video evidence was captured. Someone from KCPD will then arrange to obtain the footage at a time that is convenient.

Note: KCPD would never have access to footage without your knowledge. Participation is 100% voluntary and you can opt out at any time.


If you would like to participate in the program and partner with KCPD to help solve crimes, start by filling out the online form. All information provided will be for official use only and will remain confidential and not shared with anyone outside of the KCPD.

Kenton Brothers has been in the Crossroads District for 120 years. We offer all types of security locking hardware, access control and video surveillance systems to protect your people, property and possessions.  Let us know if we can help your business.

Can I get a license plate with that?

This is the number one question asked when we demo our security cameras. Typically, we’re showing cameras to a client or prospective client because investing in video cameras is often a visual decision. Usually, we’re set up outdoors and looking at a parking lot shot. An example is this image of our parking lot. Our parking lot is relatively small, so sometimes we’re able to capture a license plate as we’ll see a bit later.

License Plate

When discussing whether or not we can get a license plate in the shot, I go into all the things that make a license plate capture possible.


In the security industry, we’ve settled on a measure that reflects the pixel quality of the image. It’s called pixels per foot or PPF.

PPF is a calculation of the horizontal pixels of the image divided by the horizontal distance that is being covered by the camera at a given distance from the camera. That might seem a bit technical, but the nice thing is that it’s a measure our industry agrees on so that we’re all talking the same language!

PPF Example

The resolution of the camera, the distance an object is from the camera and the width of the cameras view all affect the PPF. So to increase the ability of a camera to capture a license plate, we should mount the camera as close as possible to the area or subject we’re trying to capture. It’s also important to narrow the view of the camera as tightly as possible and use a suitable resolution to fit the job.

Typically if we’re using a camera to capture license plates, we would start by reducing the field of view to only one or 2 lanes of traffic, not a wide angle like in the shot of our parking lot shown above.

You can see from this next shot that we were able to capture a license plate, even though the camera has a wide angle. This is mostly because the plate is so close to the camera and the truck is moving slowly. The PPF here is about 99 PPF.

License Plate

The angle of the plate to the camera

In order to capture a good license plate image, we want the plate to be as square to the lens as in the image above. As the vehicle angles away from the camera we’ll have a harder time capturing the license plate.

As we can see in the image below, The PPF is only slightly less than before, but we weren’t able to capture the license plate.

License Plate

Usually, making sure we’re as square as possible to the plate is at odds with being as close to the plate as possible (mentioned earlier.) Mounting on the curb is usually closer, but at a steeper angle to the plate.


The camera, much like our own eye, has to adjust to lighting changes. Because cars are typically moving, the camera has a hard time adjusting to the lighting conditions in enough time to see a license plate. In the night shot example below, the plate is almost square to the camera, but we’re farther away, and the brake license plate lights are washing out the plate. (Generally, the lower resolution cameras also have better light response and wider dynamic range. These would increase the ability to capture license plates but are counter to the resolution needs we identified earlier.)

License Plate

There are several models of cameras that capture license plates using different methods including infrared, flash lighting and high frame rates. However, these application specific cameras will not provide an overview of the parking lot at the same time.

So, “Can I get a license plate with that?”

The answer is maybe… If you want a camera that shows other details like the color of the car and an overview of your parking lot, then there are steps you can take to increase the ability of license plate capture by balancing the resolution angle and lighting. If you want a camera that only captures license plates, then an application specific camera is the way to go!

Need help with your specific application? Give us a call!