Catching Crooks & Drinking Beer. The Stolen KC Story.

Every so often something happens in your life to give you pause. Sometimes, the changes affect you personally and sometimes they can affect a lot of people.

In December of 2014, David Brucker faced just this type of moment. 

David is an owner of the local business Hometown Lawn. David and his team work hard to provide for their families and deliver great service at a fair price. On this fateful day, David arrived at his business and found that many items had been stolen. The theft hit him very hard. He vowed right then and there that he’d fight back. He decided to create a way for hard working people like him to not be victims, but to take the fight to the thief. On this day, Stolen KC was born.

Stolen KCStolen KC is a group that allows you to post a stolen item, missing person or crime prevention tip and spread the word across the city instantly. Stolen KC has been spotlighted on several local television and radio stations for their effectiveness in recovering stolen property.

Fast forward two years and Stolen KC is a Facebook group with over 62,900 followers and airs a live show every Thursday at 8PM. During the show, they discuss topics such as the recoveries for the week, the most wanted list, crime prevention tips and of course the adult beverage of the week!

The two hosts of the program are Stolen Dave and Stolen Todd (Todd Howerton) but once in a while they allow guests hosts in and I was lucky enough to guest host show #11.  Kenton Brothers Systems for security is the proud sponsor of the show, and we look forward to partnering with them for years to come.

David Brucker likes to call this “Social Media Activism”.  I like to call it changing lives for everyone in the Kansas City Area!

Please tune in on Thursday nights at 8PM to see what recoveries were made each week and who is on the most wanted list and of course, check out the weekly beverage! Here’s to fighting crime and drinking beer!

Stolen KC Stolen KC