Hula Hoops, Headbands and Backhands at Chicken N Pickle

By Kristen Harper, Controller and HR Manager at Kenton Brothers talking about team building.

Chicken N Pickle

To celebrate some of our recent successes, the Kenton Brothers team took to the Pickle Ball courts at Chicken N Pickle for some good-old-fashioned fun, camaraderie and team building.

We learned quite a lot about each other during this outing. Surprisingly, the sweat headband is still considered to be quite stylish. It’s acceptable to laugh uncontrollably and heckle your fellow employee when someone makes a bad shot on the court. We also learned that hula hooping as an adult is a difficult skill to master. And you can look ridiculous trying to make it happen.

Kenton Brothers - Hula Hoop Kenton Brothers : Sweat Headband

We implemented our team building outings this year at Kenton Brothers in an effort to improve our working relationships. We want to help everyone get to know each other and enjoy the accomplishments of growing our business. These outings are a great way to reduce stress and limit internal conflicts within our organization. Relationships are strengthened, and that’s the glue that gets us through.

Kenton Brothers - Guys Hanging Out Kenton Brothers: Girls Hanging Out

We’ve found that getting together on a personal level and having fun helps us grow as an organization. We find that being closer increases our overall productivity and allows us to work together more efficiently. We look forward to our next fun outing when we can continue to celebrate our successes together!

Game on!

Kenton Brothers: Game On! Kenton Brothers: Game On!

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