The Kenton Brothers Retail Counter [Video]

By Ryan Kaullen

Kenton Brothers can trace its customer service roots back to 1897. Our Retail Counter, customer-facing environment is at the forefront of service for our customers. Every day, our customers are coming in with various needs as a result of their businesses growing and evolving. That’s where the Kenton Brothers Retail Counter comes in. It’s a resource for their overall facilities physical security needs. Those needs come in the form of keying, part repairs, parts ordering, security needs, and knowledge database.

Our customers rely on the Retail Counter to be the gatekeepers for physical security at their facilities. Our internal database of records is guarded by checks and balances specifically outlined by our customers. Approvals must be followed every time. The Retail Counter staff works tirelessly to make sure requests are correctly followed and delivered on time.

Over the years, the Retail Counter has grown from a key shop to a full service solution for our customers.

The Retail Counter can help customers create and manage key systems, duplicate keys, re-key, order parts, repair parts and the list goes on. We welcome local walk-ins every day, but not all of our customers are local. We have customers across the country that rely on our knowledge and products to protect them. One day the Retail Counter Staff is cutting keys for a customer in Texas and the next they’re working with a customer in Arizona. We have thousands of key blanks and cylinders on hand, thousands of lines of in-stock product, as well as thousands more available through our vendors, and decades of experience to back it up.

From the entire Kenton Brothers staff, we invite you to allow Kenton Brothers and the Retail Counter Staff to help protect the people, property, possessions, you hold dear.

Welcome to KB Truman. The Midwest’s premier security resource center!

By David Strickland, Vice President of Kenton Brothers

Welcome to KB Truman. We’re proud to show off our new flagship location and all it’s amenities.

KB Truman Amenities

  • The KB retail locksmith counter
  • New “Locksmith Lounge” with beverage center
  • 5,000 square foot security showroom
  • 40+ person multimedia training center
  • Expanded shipping, receiving and storage capabilities
  • More offices and collaborative work zones
  • Expanded Employee Amenities including a full size pickle ball court!!!
  • The new Kenton brothers Museum

This has been a long time coming and we are very excited about all the possibilities our new home provides us.

We have fresh, hot coffee ready for you so don’t be a stranger!

Kenton Brothers: KB Truman Kenton Brothers: KB Truman

What is an Intelligent Opening?

By Alana Hanly, Sales Support and Administration Specialist at Kenton Brothers

As a person goes forth on the day to day grind, it’s easy to forget how often we pass through all kinds of openings. It starts with leaving your bedroom, eventually walking out the front door or garage door and so forth. But how often do you pass through an intelligent opening?

Intelligent Opening

What is an intelligent opening? Simple. An intelligent opening is any kind of access point to a facility, internal or external, that assists in controlling the traffic going through them.

Kenton Brothers: Intelligent Opening Kenton Brothers: Intelligent Opening

The control comes in many forms:

  • Mechanical locking hardware that can be installed on the door itself
  • Access control devices like keypads and readers that can be used with identification cards
  • Key fob credentials
  • Biometrics
  • RFID devices for mobile access
  • Automatic doors that use motion detection to allow entry
  • Turnstiles to secure entry points

Kenton Brothers: Intelligent OpeningIn a facility that has many employees entering and exiting all the time, automatic doors and turnstiles are a great option, seeing that they allow for many people to pass through quickly. These two make a great combination since the automatic doors don’t necessarily provide access control, and a turnstile itself doesn’t provide an entry way into the facility.

With the credentials of your choice, and at your facility’s convenience, the turnstile works with your automatic doors to help streamline the entry process for the employee. Your security or front desk team can focus on their main job and greeting visitors. Let the intelligent openings take care of the rest.

Kenton Brothers: Intelligent OpeningRegardless of your facility’s size, there are places you don’t want just anyone to be able to access, regardless of their affiliation. This is where mechanical and electromechanical hardware shine. There’s a lot of versatility with either type of hardware. They can be applied in single door access control to hundreds of doors with access control, all to be used with the credentials of your choice.

Essentially, the goal with an intelligent opening is to improve the physical security of buildings and facilities based on their needs. This allows access for the people you know. At Kenton Brothers, we specialize in creating solutions to meet these needs. We take pride in what we do… securing people, properties and their assets.

What is GSA? And why should I care that Kenton Brothers has GSA Certified Technicians?

By Kristen Harper, Controller and HR Manager at Kenton Brothers

Kenton Brothers: GSA Certified TechniciansGSA stands for General Services Administration which is a government agency that was established in 1949. The agency’s primary purpose is to manage government buildings and real estate, and provide product and service procurement support.

Putting it simply, government businesses are required to carry what is known as a GSA standard of equipment such as locks, vaults, safes, etc. For a security professional to work on these GSA standards of equipment, they must be highly trained technicians that have gone through the most in depth clearances to ensure safety of all government documents.

So, how does Kenton Brothers fit into the GSA mix?

Kenton Brothers: GSA Certified

GSA Certified Drill Rig created for drilling red label GSA Containers.

We employ GSA certified technicians that have the knowledge and expertise to work on, and within, these products and highly regulated areas. Our technicians have gone through weeks of extensive training that includes training and qualification as a GSA approved container and vault door inspector.

By becoming a GSA approved Inspector, our technicians are also qualified to perform re-certification inspections on GSA containers when there is any reason to doubt their security integrity. These qualifications have been approved by GSA, and are valuable credentials for anyone performing work on GSA Containers or vault doors. Additionally, our technicians are experts in Safety Deposit, Mechanical Lock Combination, Containers and much more.

Let’s test your GSA knowledge…

Question: Do you know what the three levels of classified materials are?

Answer: Top Secret, Secret and Confidential

Each one of these levels requires specific special processes and procedures to test, evaluate and inspection of the equipment. This is just one more way Kenton Brothers is working hard to ensure we’re protecting people, property and possessions and keeping you ALL SECURE.

The Power of the Pyramid

By David Strickland, Vice President of Kenton Brothers

The Power of the Pyramid

The KB PyramidOne of the things we talk about all the time at Kenton Brothers is, “How do we educate our Customers on all the things we can do to support them”. We have thousands of customers that know us as a 120 year old Locksmith located in Kansas City. Their impression of us is that we are a tried and true locksmith organization with unparalleled experience and awesome technicians. However, they have no idea that we are one of the largest network based (IP) access control and video surveillance integrators in the Midwest. We also have thousands of network based (IP) access control and surveillance customers that are shocked to learn that we also integrate hundreds of mechanical and locking hardware systems every year.

Our goal is to show you the Power of the KB Pyramid and help you understand the complete Kenton Brothers solution.

Mechanical Locking Hardware – The Foundation

The foundation of our pyramid is the mechanical locking hardware that we sell, install and maintain for thousands of customers all over the Midwest. No physical space is secure without the doors, frames and locking hardware that control access to the space.

High Security Cylinders and Masterkey System Implementation

The first step toward securing your people, property and possessions is through the use of a patent controlled and well managed masterkey system. Kenton Brothers creates and helps you manage your masterkey system through a web application that keeps the system organized.

Legacy and Stand Alone Access Control and Analog Video Surveillance Systems

Kenton Brothers can help your company maintain your legacy access and surveillance systems. We can also help you modernize and convert those legacy systems over to a modern system that takes advantage of newer technology, and reduce cost of ownership due to maintaining aging systems.

Network Based (IP) Access Control and Video Surveillance Systems

The powerful surge of IP based access control and video surveillance systems, and their continued development, has increased their capabilities well beyond the traditional role of security. These devices allow for advanced reporting, business process analysis, workflow management, liability and risk reduction and SIGNIFICANT RETURNS on personnel and financial investments. Kenton Brothers can help a business to plan, implement, and maintain a system as well as gather and implement the information the system produces.

Integration Services

The benefits of security and business process systems are dramatically increased if they’re able to integrate seamlessly into existing tools.  Kenton Brothers provides services that tie together the best of class physical security and IP systems with common business process tools and other building automation systems.

Hosted and Managed Services

Hosted and Managed services are designed to improve the speed to value for clients as well as reduce the resource load for system administration and monitoring. Kenton Brothers can host your IP based access control and Video surveillance systems and manage the day to day operation and administration of those systems.

Video Analytics

Video analytics are advanced tools that dramatically improve the ability of IP based video surveillance systems to not just record but to help users prevent accidents, measure customer behavior, and catch would be offenders before something bad happens.  These analytics include, infrared detection, facial recognition, License plate recognition, motion detection, point of sale, production counts and heat mapping.

Each of these systems on its own contributes to the security of your people, property and possessions. However, the Power of the Pyramid comes into play when all of these systems work well together. Kenton Brothers can help you create a plan that incorporates each level of the pyramid to reduce risk and increase security and protection.

Click here to download a PDF version of the Kenton Brothers Pyramid.