The Eagle Has Landed: Kenton Brothers Welcomes Eagle Scout Ryan Nance

By Kristen Harper, Controller and HR Manager at Kenton Brothers, talks about our recent hire, Ryan Nance.

Ryan Nance is one of Kenton Brothers’ newest additions. He is a Systems Administrator and Lead Project Coordinator. Ryan has several years of experience in the security industry and enjoys the challenges of working with new equipment and products.

I asked Ryan how he was able to jump into our fast paced environment and hit the ground running so successfully. He attributes a lot of his skills and discipline to his participation in the Boy Scouts.

Eagle Scout

Kenton Brothers: Ryan NanceRyan joined the Boy Scouts when he was in 2nd grade. He stayed with the program as an active participant until his senior year in high school. Ryan ultimately achieved the highest honor from the organization by becoming a heavily decorated Eagle Scout. He earned twice the amount of badges required for this commendation.

Being Prepared

Ryan was taught through Boy Scouts and Eagle Scouts to “Be Prepared” for anything he encounters. That fits very well with the culture here at Kenton Brothers.

Being prepared is crucial. The work we do for our clients involves many vendors, different physical environments and constantly changing technologies. Being prepared allows us to achieve the best results in the work we do… protecting people, property and possessions.

One of Ryan’s favorite challenges recently has been installing Mercury M5 Bridges. These bridges give us the ability to migrate our clients from legacy systems to new access control systems, while keeping their existing enclosures, wiring, power and readers.

Ryan enjoys being dad to his 5 year old son. That’s where most of his free times goes… spending time with family. On rare occasions, he also gets to enjoy his time at the local shooting range.

We’re so happy to welcome Ryan to our team!

Welcoming Tim Klekacz to Kenton Brothers

Kenton Brothers: Tim KlekaczBy Kristen Harper, Controller at Kenton Brothers

Tim Klekacz (pronounced “K-L-A-Y-K-A-T-S”) is one of the newest additions to our Kenton Brothers Installation team.

Tim comes with many years of experience in the industry and enjoys being a man of many trades. He enjoys the challenges that come with facing new projects, problem solving, and seeing projects from start to finish. Tim appreciates being able to see first hand how his work is helping secure the safety of many people and businesses. One of Tim’s especially strong skills is working with security cameras. He’s able to install, position and create the complete security vision for our customers.

Tim also enjoys dabbling in woodworking and staying active. He has done lots of projects from baseball bats to various pieces of furniture. His favorite woodworking project was creating floating shelving.

Tim adopted his first child and is excitedly anticipating the birth of his 2nd child this year. He enjoys spending time with his family and we are thrilled to welcome him to the Kenton Brothers team!

Now Serving Wichita Through The Power of She

By Gina Stuelke, CEO of Kenton Brothers

Isn’t it ironic that half of the leadership staff at Kenton Brothers Systems for Security is female?

I’m sure the founding brothers, Leon and William, from way back in 1897 would be very proud (and astonished) that the CEO, HR Manager/ Controller and the new Wichita Territory Manager are all strong women. These women are leading Kenton Brothers through its fourth generation of doing business.

Part of Kenton Brother’s strategic plan is to open or expand a new market each year for the next three years.

In 2016, we expanded into the Central Missouri region. In 2017, Wichita is the expansion target and Amy Mounts is leading the charge as our new Territory Manager.

Kenton Brothers: Amy MountsWichita is on the move and we recognized the opportunity to provide security services to area businesses. These security services include locking hardware and integration solutions around access control and video surveillance.

Amy has worked in the information technology space since 1998. She has a proven history of leading a successful technology business in Wichita. Local market knowledge, coupled with her well rounded business experience, provide a strong foundation for her to build the Kenton Brothers presence. Amy is an avid KU Jayhawks supporter, and lives in Wichita with her husband and two children.

Amy enjoys contributing her expertise on several boards in the Wichita community and works to inspire women. She says, “what I thrive on is helping other people succeed. When I have the opportunity to work with someone, I try to encourage them that they can do anything – and not to get caught up in the female vs. male world. Just pursue your dreams.”

We’re excited to watch as Amy builds her new team and brings the ‘KB Way’ to Kansas!

Welcoming “Sharp Dressed Man” Zach Voss to Kenton Brothers

They come runnin’ just as fast as they can… ’cause every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man.

Kenton Brothers: Zach VossKenton Brother’s Inventory Specialist Zach Voss takes his fashion sense very seriously. In addition to looking great, he does a fantastic job keeping our inventory and our parts organized and ready for our technicians to install in the field.

Zach went to the Kansas City Art Institute and has always had a creative personality. “Mom always stressed being different and having pride in that. I’ve always been good at putting strange things together to make a statement.” He credits both of his parents as influential in his life, but especially his mother.

At Kenton Brothers, Zach works in the warehouse and likes the mixture of “me time” and focusing on tasks in his role as Inventory Specialist. He likes to socialize with all of the different types of people that he works with. Zach and his girlfriend Greta live in midtown with their two cats, Boozer and Pocket.

Zach is a positive contributor to Kenton Brothers and always has a great attitude. Because you know the saying, “when you look good, you feel good!”

Thanks Zach for making us proud!

Kenton Brothers: Zach Voss

Welcoming Stephanie Thomason to Kenton Brothers!

Stephanie ThomasonKenton Brothers would like to welcome Stephanie Thomason to the team! Stephanie has taken on the roll as Executive Administrative assistant/Installation Administration. This is a new and very important position to Kenton Brothers growth.

In this position, Stephanie has a key roll with installation communications, scheduling and keeping track of technician skills, assessments and training.  She juggles this dual roll with Executive Administration duties with great skill.

Stephanie has a background in banking management as well as schedule coordination and management in the towing industry. She’s been able to wear many hats in her career. She manages to be a cheer mom along with a busy baseball schedule; keeping up with young teenagers and balancing life and work.

Stephanie ThomasonAs soon as you meet Stephanie, the energy she projects hits you right in the face… there’s no doubt that Stephanie will drive to get each and every task done.

When we interviewed Stephanie, the interview was somewhat of a competition of who could ask questions the fastest and how fast they could be answered. It was something like watching a ping pong match. As a third party to this interview, I just sat back to watch and basically came to my own conclusion.. if you can take the questions and dish out the answers that quickly, you’re good to go. She’s proven me right time and again, and I couldn’t be happier with our choice.

Welcome to the team Stephanie!