ISC West, 2015

ISC West, 2015

Kenton Brothers Systems for Security attended ISC West last week in Las Vegas, NV.  

The largest security event in the United States, ISC West hosts over 1,000 venders and security experts sharing the latest in products and training with security integrators from all over the country.  As technology improves, physical security continues to become more integrated, more portable, and more secure.

Kenton Brothers Systems for Security is dedicated to providing the latest in security solutions to the Kansas City area and beyond.  Please enjoy this video recap of the show, then contact Kenton Brothers for a complimentary security evaluation.

Assa’s Intelligent Openings Showroom is coming…

Assa Abloy IOS invite

Typically, when one of the Assa Abloy mobile showroom’s is in the lot at Kenton Brothers you smell BBQ in the air, feel the first heat of Summer, and see customer’s being appreciated under our tent.

This year our customer’s are getting a special, added bonus visit from the Assa guys–a 2nd mobile showroom–where you will discover how to implement locking solutions to provide the right level of security to protect specific assets behind each and every door!

The ASSA ABLOY Intelligent Openings Showroom will present an overview of security technologies ranging from simple mechanical locks to the latest in highly intelligent locking solutions.  You will see, touch, experience, and demo:

  • Mechanical locks & keys.
  • Keypad locks.
  • Offline locks and eCylinders with audit trail functions.
  • Locks connecting to an IP network.
  • Open-architecture integrated wiegand locks and strikes with 3rd party software.
  • Campus security locks in offline, IP, and wifi configurations.
  • Intelligent doorway components to connect, communicate, and relay continuous status to your security network.

It’s bigger, sleeker, and has more innovative products than ever before.   Such exciting things going on around Kenton Brothers Inc….mark your calendar’s for October 8th and join us at 1718 Baltimore Ave., Kansas City, Mo 64108!

The KB Hide-Away makes it’s debut…..

The beautiful blue Kenton Brothers Hide-Away Shelter made it’s debut yesterday in Warrensburg, Mo. at the Claire McCaskill MO Procurement Conference.  It was a day filled with such noted speakers as Senator Claire McCaskill; Mr. Elliott Branch, Deputy Asst. Secretary of the US Navy; and Deborah Lee James, Secretary of the Air Force.  The day also included representatives from such noted organizations as the GSA, Boeing, the US Army Corps of Engineers, the SBA, and ATK Small Caliber Systems.  All in all, the room was filled with some very smart men and women!

Kenton Brothers brought a Hide-Away shelter painted in KB blue for a hands-on demo.  Though there were not many government buyers in attendance, nearly every one of those attendees have children or grandchildren they want protected in his or her school.  The shootings earlier this week at the University of Santa Barbara prove our society will always fight school violence; no matter where you live, no matter what age.  It’s not going away.

We debate gun control.   The media talks about better services for the mentally ill.  Experts discuss why no one ‘saw this coming’ when looking at past behavior of the shooter.  I say, wouldn’t it be easier to provide protection for the innocents?

$600.  $600 per student is approximately what it would take to save lives.  Compare that to the $16,833 per student a school district recently spent on a new athletic complex and renovations to a parking lot and cafeteria.  $30.3 million on athletics vs. $1.1 million to save 1800 lives.  3.6% of the spend on athletics and renovations could save the life of every student in that school.  Just something to think about…..



KB Engineers Attend the ISC West Trade Show in Las Vegas

Kenton Brothers is devoted to learning about new technology.  We work every day to ensure we are bringing you the newest and the best in available and emerging technologies.  To help meet this goal, Tom and Neal traveled to Las Vegas recently to attend the biggest security industry trade show:  ISC (International Security Conference) West.

ISC West is the security industry’s premier launching pad for new products, solutions and technologies in the US.  Each year, the convention hosts over 900 international and domestic security product manufacturers and over 23,000 security professionals.  One of the highlights of the show was the new Ocularis-X software which was the winner of SIA’s (Security Industry Association) New Product Showcase (NPS) Award for “Best Video Surveillance Wireless” .Ocularis-X enables users to perform live monitoring and synchronized playback of multiple megapixel cameras via any wireless device. Users are presented with much smoother video and are able to zoom into an image without losing detail, resulting in superior detection of incidents and identification of individuals. Compatible with all recent versions of Ocularis, Ocularis-X will also allow VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) providers to deliver high-speed, high-resolution, multi-camera video to their clients.

In celebration of OnSSI’s 10th anniversary, clients can get special pricing on a Software Upgrade Plan.   Whether you have an existing SUP or even if you have never purchased one before, between now and July 31st of 2012 OnSSI is offering the latest version of Ocularis along with 2 years of upgrade  at a fraction of the normal price.  Your Kenton Brothers account manager would be happy to take a look at your Ocularis system and work up special pricing.  Just give us a call at 816-842-3700.

Secured Cities Conference

Kenton Brothers would like to thank everyone who came out to the Truman Library last Friday, November 18th.  Without you, our Secured Cities event would not have been the success it was.  In addition, we would like to thank Anixter and OnSSI for the priceless information on what is becoming a very real need for municipalities:  comprehensive, integrated municipal surveillance.

The need to combine resources and personnel, creating the highest efficiency for every arm of local government is now; and the concept of ‘shared’ cameras with the ability for dispatchers to efficiently respond to events is now possible with software from Anixter and OnSSI.

Please consider this potential test case: the director of the Parks and Rec department sets a virtual trip wire from his desk surrounding a $150,000.00 new playground on the outskirts of town.  One Saturday night, a group of teenagers decide to loosen the bolts to the railings on this playground.  The second one of those teenagers crosses the virtual trip wire, an alert is sent to Police dispatch where a dispatcher now has a live view of the park.  The dispatcher attempts a remote talk-down, letting the would-be vandals know they need to vacate the premises immediately or an officer will be dispatched.

Typically, this would be enough.  However, for our purposes, let’s say the teenagers continue on with their plan to loosen the bolts.  The dispatcher can watch, in real time, the action on the playground.  He/She notifies a police officer in the vicinity of the event taking place, talking the officer through what is happening as he arrives on the scene.  The officer is now able to walk into the scene with full knowledge of how many vandals there are, where they are located, and what weapons they may be carrying.  No more walking into an unknown situation.  No more necessary patrols of outlying areas.  No more insurance claims for damaged playgrounds.

Of course, this is just one of dozens of applications for the products we have available.  Kenton Brothers can do a site visit and engineer a security system to fit your particular needs and problems.  To set one up, give us a call at 816-842-3700.