Securing the Bremer County Jail and Police Department

By Gina Stuelke, CEO of Kenton Brothers

Problem: Aging Systems protecting the Bremer County Jail and Police Department

The Bremer County Jail was last renovated in 2003 to house up to 79 inmates in a variety of configurations. Not only does this jail house inmates for Bremer County, but they also have contracts to house prisoners from other counties in the area. They also have a contract for federal prisoners.

Due to the extensive growth in these contracts, Bremer County Jail needed updated high-level security. The previous security systems were becoming obsolete and simply not meeting the increased demands. To enhance capabilities, Sheriff Dan Pickett and his team decided it was time to upgrade. Investing in a new security system would be vital for the success of the entire facility. Correctional officers would be able to utilize smart systems to increase the safety of inmates and improve effectiveness.

Sheriff Pickett worked closely with our engineering team, headed up by Brinton Hallum, to identify specific needs, desires, and expectations for the new systems of both administrative areas and the jail. The primary goal was to increase the capabilities and functionality of their security systems while centralizing administration.

Solution: Implementing Commercial Access Control and Video Surveillance

Bremer’s previous system contained PLCs (Program Logic Controls) that were outdated and couldn’t be upgraded. Our solution consolidated the previous PLC functionality with new integrations that met Bremer’s needs and allows for future expansion. Even better, the way we architected the new solution will be a seamless transition for correctional officers and will provide them a chance to focus on higher level details.

Commercial Access Control

Gallagher LogoThe new solution begins with card access control by Gallagher. This access control system then interfaces with a system of custom programmable logic controllers for general jail control, including lighting and water control. We added card readers on every cell door, every pod entry door, and intake. Users can scan their credential to not only gain access into these areas, but also turn on lights and record guard tour activity throughout the facility increasing the productivity of the facility.

The flexibility of the system assists administrators to meet Federal regulations and improve the safety and reliability of their daily operations while offering adaptability for future security upgrades.

Commercial Video Surveillance

Milestone LogoThe next step was to implement a Milestone commercial video surveillance system with Axis cameras. This specialized system was chosen to provide full prison visibility, while utilizing camera analytics to improve facility awareness and guard effectiveness.


We leveraged Gallagher’s strong integration with Milestone to make the correctional officer’s lives easier through improved administration with specific alerts for various scenarios.

For example, by using motion detection analytics in the Axis cameras, Milestone can be alerted to the presence of an inmate on one side of the door and then notify Gallagher to deny card access through that door without proper level credentials. This gives guards a chance to control and notify the entire facility from a safe distance.

Because all systems operate on this network, the Gallagher access control system can signal the Harding intercoms to alarm various high decibel alerts allowing immediate notice of security threats. This can help alleviate the margin for mistakes and reduce the opportunities for officers to be in harm’s way.

The specialized integration we have designed provides the benefit of less personnel required to manage the system and therefore offers them a way to do their job more efficiently and with greater precision. By allowing smart systems to help with the burden of security, Bremer County can be ensured that their facility will be protected with the utmost accuracy and highest level of performance.

Bremer County: Sheriff Dan Pickett“I can’t say enough good things about Kenton Brothers. They have been great to work with including a few small changes as our project progresses. Brinton has been excellent in everything they have done keeping us informed on what the next step will be. I was concerned at the beginning of our bid taking with other companies doing such a huge project. I would recommend Kenton Brothers for a security upgrade such as cameras and jail controls!!!” – Sheriff Dan Pickett

Precision Livestock Farming: Boehringer Ingelheim ushers in a time of transformational change.

By Gina Stuelke, CEO of Kenton Brothers

Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health LogoBoehringer Ingelheim Animal Health in St. Joseph, Missouri has partnered with Kenton Brothers to provide state of the art identity and access management and commercial video surveillance technologies to protect their people, property and possessions. Not only does BI see the importance of putting security technology in their buildings… they invest heavily on the power of technology to keep animals healthy and help farmers increase efficiency.

In several pig barns, crews will install high-tech microphones that hint of things to come.

Precision Livestock FarmingThe microphones form a key part of a digital monitoring tool that records the sounds that pigs make 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It relies on an algorithm to detect changes in swine coughing patterns before most human ears hear them. The system sends an alert to an app on a farmer’s phone or to their computer when it detects signs of respiratory distress.

Early detection of increased coughing in swine lets farmers and veterinarians collect samples and get a diagnosis more quickly, potentially improving the health of sick pigs and limiting the risk of exposure to nearby animals. That could boost a producer’s bottom line in an industry where respiratory and other diseases claim an untold number of pigs and cost hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

This innovation is just one part of a larger Boehringer Ingelheim commitment to take advantage of rapid technological change to offer diagnostic and monitoring solutions that help livestock and pets and the people who own and care for them.

‘It’s all about the data’—the quicker you receive the information, the faster you can treat the problem and have less negative impact on the animal and industry as a whole.

Pet Wearables

Precision Livestock FarmingIn animal health, the spread of new technologies has given rise to smart devices for dogs and cats and precision livestock farming, which holds the potential to optimize operations and improve animal wellbeing. The market for pet wearables alone will reach a few billion dollars in the next few years, analysts have said.

Sensors attached to and located around livestock, coupled with the power of algorithms to detect patterns in reams of data, have the potential to provide actionable items that save time and money.

You need to monitor your video surveillance at 84 locations? No problem.

By Ryan Kaullen, Field Services Manager at Kenton Brothers

Are you a company who has multiple sites across the city, the state, or the country? Do you wish you could control your video management software from a consolidated platform? Well, there is a solution!

Milestone Systems

Milestone Systems designs, develops and produces IP-based video management solutions for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Milestone XProtect® video management software brings all the puzzle pieces for video surveillance together. Choosing XProtect as a video management foundation means choosing a VMS developed by surveillance experts who continue improving their systems to solve your challenges. With 20+ years on the market, XProtect has proven to be the right answer for more than 500,000 installations worldwide – from flower shops to universities, stadiums and cities.

Kenton Brothers: Global Milestone Video Management Project

Connecting 84 Locations?

Kenton Brothers: Global Milestone Video Management ProjectOne of our recent projects was to consolidate 84 sites of video management into one global solution. This was necessary so that our customer’s security team could manage all of their sites from a centralized location.

Each of the locations has an individual recording server, so the task was to get 84 video servers working together through the cloud. Each video server records video to local storage and then feeds it to any authorized client across the network enterprise when requested. This happens through a set of permissions configured on the centralized video management server. Once we had this configured correctly across all of the video servers, a user can log in once to view all 84 sites versus having to remember usernames and passwords for each video server. And Milestone’s video management software makes it possible.

Each user that logs in to the system is given access to the specific cameras they need to be able to monitor. For example, some users might have limited ability to view cameras at a few locations, while super users can view every camera at every location. These permissions can be changed on the fly as the needs of business units change.

Lots of Variables

Kenton Brothers: Global Milestone Video Management ProjectA unique challenge with this specific install is that it’s spread across multiple states, different ages of existing hardware, different cameras, and different server models. Tying all these things together when you create this global solution can be tricky at times. It is vital that as you are migrating equipment, that you’re documenting everything to make sure all existing cameras & equipment show up correctly in the new system. Video surveillance cameras play such a vital role in facility security… you don’t want a camera to go down and not know about it. There were lots of small details we had to consider during this project, and we’re proud that the final solution is exactly what our customer wanted.

If you’re company is looking to consolidate permissions, sites, views, and access, while retaining the integrity of your security system, a global video management solution is a great option. Let’s work together to talk about your needs. Get started here. We will help you implement a solution that fits your exact needs!

Missouri Jail Administrators: Hard working, Professional and Committed

Missouri Sheriffs and Jail administrators came together in October. They’re passionate about the securing county detention centers!

Meet Verkada. Smart. Scalable. Simple.

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