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Kenton Brothers Systems for Security

Top 11 Solutions for 
Multi-Family Properties

Residents Have

Meet Them with Security and Smart Living Technology.

The way to attract residents to and demand premium rent for your multi-family property is incorporating or upgrading your multi-family housing property with security and smart living technology.

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  • 11 solutions renters want today  
  • How technology meets renters' expectations  
  • How technology works in tandem for a better experience   
  • Why technology can demand premium rent 

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Incorporate Technology That Justifies Premium Rents. 

Implementing security and smart living technology is an investment with the potential for huge returns. But to gain that return, your technology solutions have to be comprehensive, fit with the environment, and meet residents' expectations. In today’s world, multi-family housing requires more than simply installing a door lock. Along with basic security, fully integrated security and smart living technology need to be considered when creating an in-demand property.

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Kenton Brothers Systems for Security

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Kenton Brothers is the oldest and most trusted security firm in the Midwest. From our home in Kansas City we’ve seen it all, done it all – for generations of buildings and businesses. Today, our company focuses on the next generation of systems for security, including the latest technologies in video analytics and network-based control and surveillance systems.